Have you ever hidden cash or a bill from your spouse? Do you think your partner is telling you the truth about his or her debt? A recent study found that one in three people admit that they lie to their spouse about money. Dr. Phil's guests open up to their loved ones about their money secrets.

Money Secrets and Lies
Crystine says she's told her husband, Tom, so many lies, she can't keep track of them. Tom and Crystine have separated twice over money issues, and she's scared he'll divorce her when he finds out the truth. Is Crystine ready to spill the beans about her money secrets and will she change her deceitful ways?

"I just kept spending it, and he never knew I had it."


Shopping Addiction
Debbie admits she shopped herself into debt and out of her past three marriages. She says she could open a store with the amount of clothing and accessories she has in her house " many with the tags still attached " and can't go two days without buying something new. Her boyfriend, Ron, says their relationship can't move forward until she gets her shopping under control.

How can Debbie stop her urge to splurge? 

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