When Alexandra, oldest daughter in the Dr. Phil Family, first appeared on Dr. Phil nine years ago, she was 14 and pregnant. Now 23, she has three children by three different fathers who are being raised by her parents, Erin and Marty, she is unemployed and living with the father of her third child. Her family and Dr. Phil believe she is addicted to prescription pills " which she vehemently denies. Will she decide to go to treatment? Is she in more danger than anyone could have imagined?


Get caught up with this family.



Where is Alexandra?

After Alexandra's last appearance, communication with her came to a complete halt. Her parents, Marty and Erin, are extremely concerned about her whereabouts and well-being. They haven't seen their daughter in more than two months. When Erin traces Alexandra's footsteps, what she finds may shock you.


"It's hard for us to think of our daughter in terms of where she is right now."



Negligence as a Mother?

Dr. Phil questions Alexandra's choices. Is she finally enrolled in school? And, has she seen her children?


"I can't answer that."


"The Truth is You Want the Drugs" 

Alexandra comes face to face with two of the country's leading spine specialists and hears their candid thoughts about her back injury and pill use. Will she agree with their assessment? And, Dr. Phil doesn't mince words when he tells Alexandra his agenda and thoughts about her behavior.


"I didn't come here to talk about the amount of pain pills that I use."



"Everything Just Adds up to Where She's Really Wrapped up in Drugs"

Erin explains why she believes her daughter may be friends with suspected drug dealers. And, Marty tails his daughter's truck when a stranger takes off in it.


Is Alexandra in more danger than anyone could've imagined?

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  • Lawlis Peavey PNP Center
    Dr. Frank Lawlis
  • J. Patrick Johnson, MD
    Neurosurgeon, Cedars-Sinai Spine Center
    World-renowned complex neurological spine surgeon, researcher and educator. His expertise includes a vast array of spinal motion preservation procedures with minimally invasive techniques, non-fusion surgery, motion preservation devices, and artificial disc replacement.
  • Jason Berkley, DO
    Neurologist/Spine Intervention, Cedars-Sinai Spine Center