The difficulty of blending households is one reason the divorce rate is higher in second marriages. Kip says his relationship with his stepdaughter, Tory, has spiraled violently out of control as they wage war with one another. Their screaming matches alone have led to a worried call to authorities for Tory's safety. Who's to blame in this toxic family? 


The Wrath of Kip and Tory

Seventeen-year-old Tory does well in school, is active in her church and doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs. Then why does her stepfather, Kip, call her the Antichrist and a monster in an expletive-filled tirade? As Kip and Tory emotionally face off, Dr. Phil is forced to deliver stern criticism. Will Kip stand by his words, unrelenting? And, what is being done to make sure this teenager feels safe in her own home?


"I'm sorry, but I see absolutely no redeeming qualities in this child."



The Fight of All Fights

Kip and Tory's fighting came to head one evening when the authorities were called to the home. What followed was a look into Kip's fitness as a parent by social services. Find out the results of that investigation, and Dr. Phil's self-proclaimed unpopular opinion. Plus, Dr. Phil drills down with Tory's mother, Vicky, on the job he says she's failing at.


"The relationship within this family is dysfunctional at so many levels; it's like a Rubik's Cube of toxicity."



Spinning out of Control?

Kip's actions may be the cause for a lot of attention, but what ownership does Tory have? Dr. Phil calls Tory out for what he says are several undeniably inappropriate behaviors. And, does Kip want help? Will he apologize to his family? And, will this family accept Dr. Phil's help?



"High-strung and jerk are not the same thing."