Dr. Phil sits down with four women who've had affairs with married men: Marcella, 50, Angela, 30, Cara, 45, and Beth, 49, to ask them the hard questions everyone wants to know. "Today, we're going to find out what they think, how they justify it, what they tell themselves to make it OK to be involved with somebody else's husband," Dr. Phil says. 

Two women whose husbands cheated, Dana, 39, and Sue, 45, watch from backstage and will get their chance to confront these other women!



Marcella met her married man at work. She says their relationship works for her because she wants someone "permanent but part time." She says she doesn't think what she's doing is wrong, and if his wife met his needs, he wouldn't stray.

"Eye contact is damn near all the foreplay we need." 



Angela says she didn't know her man was married until three months into their relationship. Although she was shocked and angry, he persuaded her to keep their relationship going. They've been together for six years.


"He offered to give me a $3,000 allowance." 



Cara's been in an on-again/off-again relationship with a married man for one-and-a-half years. She left her marriage to move forward with her lover, but he has yet to leave his wife.

"What if I wake up, and I'm 50 years old, and I'm still waiting on him?"



Beth is married and had a 10-month affair with a married man, which is now over. She says her husband didn't give her any attention, so she went in search of a married man to get it. She says she still thinks about cheating again.

"I wanted to feel wanted." 

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