Connie wrote Dr. Phil for help because she's concerned her grandchildren aren't being taken care of properly. Connie's daughter, Jennifer, has five children with five different men. Connie and her husband, Mark, have custody of her 11-year-old, two have been placed for adoption, and Jennifer has custody of her 7-year old and 2-year-old. Dr. Phil delves into Jennifer's history as a parent. Are her children slipping through the cracks?


A Spotty History
Jennifer's daughter drank bleach from her sippy cup when she was 3 and was found with a backpack of maggots, mold and rotten milk at 7. Connie says her granddaughter has had staph infections and lice outbreaks, and her grandson has been left in a car with no air conditioning.


Are there other signs of neglect?



Clean and Sober?
Connie says her daughter has a history with drug use and investigations by the Department of Social Services. Connie and Mark believe that Jennifer has been clean and sober for almost two years, but during a previous interview, Jennifer makes a confession. Is the mom using drugs now?


See the explosive confrontation when Connie learns the truth. 



A Worried Young Man
Dr. Phil sits down with Jennifer's 11-year-old son, who requested the meeting. Get a glimpse inside this 11-year-old's worries. And, can Dr. Phil convince Jennifer she needs to raise her standards as a parent?



"I love my mom, but she can't take care of herself." 

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