Did you pick the right person for the right reason at the right time? Are you about to marry Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? Dr. Phil talks to couples who say they tied the knot at a young age, and helps them separate fantasies of wedded bliss from reality.


Patty and Dan
Patty and Dan got married when they were 18. Now, five years, three separations and three children later, Patty feels like she's missing out on "all the fun" her single friends are having.


Heather and Doug
"When I look at the baby, I feel so guilty for wishing that I could have done it differently," says Heather, who married her boyfriend when she got pregnant. Now, she says, "We're on the brink of disaster."

Nikki and Richmond
After three years together, Nikki and Richmond want to get married " even though Nikki's family objects and they're only 22. Should they take the plunge? 


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