Brandon was an out-of-control drug addict, until his live intervention on the Dr. Phil stage led him down the path to sobriety. Now clean for five years, Brandon and his mother, Debbie, pay it forward with their company, Vital Intervention Professionals, by helping other families confront their loved ones about their destructive addictions. This time, three siblings reach out to Brandon and Debbie for help, desperate to save their three drug-addicted brothers: Sean, 28, Jordan, 24, and Logan, 23.


A Dangerous Triple Intervention

Brandon meets Tara, 32, and Kaila, 21, to get to the heart of their family drama. They, along with their brother, Jeff, 26, fear that if their other siblings don't get help soon, they could die. Brandon and Debbie attempt their first-ever triple intervention. Find out what happens, and why Brandon and Debbie say this intervention was unlike any other they've facilitated.

"Do you have a gun?"



Where Are They Now?
Brandon and Debbie join Dr. Phil, along with Tara, Jeff and Kaila. Why did the mother of these six siblings refuse to participate in the intervention? And, learn how the roots of addiction go much deeper than just the three siblings.

"That's not an act of love; that's an act of sabotage." 


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