Bullies don't just roam the schoolyards and playgrounds. They can be found at work, your social circles and even under your own roof! Dr. Phil gives a self-proclaimed bully a wake-up call. Plus, PR maven Kelly Cutrone and Glee actor Max Adler weigh in!


Rude Attitude

Temica RoShawn, 26, says she's proud to be a bully and admits to physically and verbally abusing overweight people and those with disabilities. Find out what happens when comedian Kirk Fox goes undercover as a disabled man to put her biases to the test!


"I'm going to get respect " whether you give it to me, or I take it from you."



Taming the Terrorizer

PR whiz and Dr. Phil special contributor Kelly Cutrone makes a house call to Temica RoShawn. What does Kelly uncover when the ladies go out for a night on the town?


Is the self-proclaimed bully as tough as she claims to be?  



Taking a Stand against Bullying
Max Adler may play a tough guy on the hit show Glee, but he says he's anything but in real life. Hear the actor's words of encouragement for kids who are being terrorized by others. Plus, hear his thoughts on Temica RoShawn's behavior.


"People bully and attack out of ignorance."

Extra Content

  • Normal Gets You Nowhere
    by Kelly Cutrone with Meredith Bryan
  • Click here to watch Max Adler's PSA for the It Gets Better Project. Sign the pledge to take a stand against bullying.