The conversation got heated on Monday's show when Dr. Phil gave self-professed bully Temica RoShawn a reality check about her aggressive behavior. Now, meet a woman who says her teen is a bully and parents who say their son is being tormented. Plus, comedian Kirk Fox, Glee actor Max Adler and PR maven and Dr. Phil special contributor, Kelly Cutrone, weigh in.


Big Bad Bully?

Nancy says she worries she's raising a bully. Her 13-year-old son, Nick, was suspended six times in the past two months, for offenses that include shoving a seventh grader into a locker and burning another student's neck with a cigarette! Nick says he feels empowered by tormenting others.


What does Dr. Phil believe is at the root of the teen's aggression? 



Standing up for Their Son

Ross and his wife, Lyndy, say bullying hit home for them. They claim weeks of bullying culminated in their 15-year-old son being sexually assaulted during wrestling practice. The family of the other teen denies the charges.


Hear the couple's strong words for Temica RoShawn and bullies like her.

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