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"My Kids Won't Get Up!"
Marcile says her teenage sons need a wake-up call " literally! She's tried sprinkling them with water and blasting music in their ears, but nothing seems to get them out of bed in the morning.


Fan or Fanatic?
Michelle's friends and family accuse her of being "celebrity obsessed." She admits to cutting her hair to look like Jennifer Aniston and piercing her navel to copy Britney Spears. Is this normal?



Copycat Daughter
Five-year-old Lexi's parents are worried because she has become an extreme mimic, copying everything that her mom does " right down to sneezing at the same time. Should they be concerned?


Unfinished Business
LaTonya says that although she is talented, creative and intelligent, she always stands in the way of her own success. Her unpublished stories and songs remain on the shelf. Can Dr. Phil get her in gear?



Mr. Mom
For five years, Al has been a stay-at-home dad, an experience he now calls "the hardest job." With his patience running thin, Al wonders if he can stay on the job without losing his manhood.




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