After his last visit with Alexandra, Dr. Phil vowed he would not speak with her again unless she agreed to enter rehab for what he believes is an addiction to prescription pills. But, because he's committed to the well-being of her three young children, he sends recovering addict and former Dr. Phil guest, Brandon, and his mother, Debbie, to stage an intervention in an attempt to save Alexandra's life. Is she ready to hear what her family has to say?


"I've been hearing all of you say, ‘Why are you wasting your time on this Alexandra?' The why is simple: There are three innocent children involved here," Dr. Phil says.


Get caught up with this family.



"It's Just a Matter of Time until She Gets Arrested or Dead"

Dr. Phil updates Debbie and Brandon on Alexandra's current situation, and the three discuss the best course for an intervention and Alexandra's future.


"This is not going to be easy."



"She Will Die from This"

Brandon and Debbie travel to Florida to meet with Alexandra's parents, Erin and Marty, and sister, Katherine, and prepare the intervention team. Will Erin own up to her mistakes as a mom? And, when Marty's emotions get the best of him, will he be able to compose himself to face his daughter?


"If this happens during the intervention, this is going to fail."



The Intervention

When Alexandra arrives at the house for what she thinks is a family celebration, is she ready to hear what her family and friends have to say? Can anyone get through to her? Will she agree to treatment?


"I'm really about to start swinging."


Brandon and Debbie speak candidly with Dr. Phil about the intervention during his live web chat.  


Dr. Phil's Final Thoughts:

"There are so many teens out there who are getting involved with drugs. They're dabbling. They're putting their toe in the water. That's the time you want to draw the line in the sand and make your stand. When it gets a grip on them, this is a disease. It is resistant to treatment. It's subject to relapse, and it is so hard to get them to turn away from that high, after high after high and get help. The earlier the better."


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