The dramatic intervention is underway to save Alexandra from what her parents and Dr. Phil believe is a dangerous addiction to prescription pills. Alexandra finally relents and listens to emotional pleas from her loved ones. Will their sentiments strike a chord with her? And, find out why police are called to the house during the intervention, staged by Brandon and his mother, Debbie, and why Alexandra may end up in jail.


Get caught up with this family.



"I'm Scared You Will Die from These Choices You Continue to Make"

Alexandra agrees to hear her family's concerns. Will their emotional pleas grab her attention and inspire her to seek treatment? And, find out why the police show up, and what Katherine and Brandon uncover.


"She might have something illegal that she doesn't want them to find."



"Aren't You Tired of Fighting?" 

After listening to her loved ones, Alexandra runs off without any of her belongings. But Brandon refuses to give up on her and follows her down the road. When he relates his experiences to her " including jail time " will she think twice about her actions?


"You're not going to break me."



"She's Ready to Walk Away from Everyone for Her Next High, and My Husband is in Denial."

As Erin and Marty are devoted to their grandchildren and trying to save Alexandra from a life addicted to pain pills, their marriage is under a tremendous amount of stress. Learn why Erin is extremely frustrated with her husband. And, the parents make a difficult decision that may land their daughter in jail.


"We really wanted Alexandra to make the choice on her own." 


"I Hope My Parents are Happy"

Dr. Phil cameras catch up with Alexandra the day after the intervention attempt. She reflects on what she says her family put her through.


Dr. Phil's Final Thought:

"There is an addiction wall that stands between her and becoming the mother those kids deserve. We're hearing all of this from Alexandra right now, but this isn't really how she feels. This isn't even her really talking. I believe there is something inside this young woman that says, ‘I want help.'"