It's Ask Dr. Phil Day, with a spotlight on life-changing moments and decisions that can shape your future forever!

This episode contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Her Work or Her Wardrobe?
Debrahlee made headlines when she claimed she was fired for being too pretty. She says she was told that with her figure, her pencil skirts, turtlenecks and three-inch heels were too distracting for her male colleagues and supervisors. Was her work or her wardrobe to blame for her termination?

Is it an attractive woman's responsibility to tone down her looks on the job? 



Marriage Trauma
Rita says she was raped by her husband, Greg, more than five years ago, but he sees the situation quite differently. How can their marriage survive this heartbreaking misconception?


Could you stay married to a man whom you feel has destroyed your trust? 



Pushed Too Hard?
Serina, 18, brought home a silver medal for boxing in the 2008 Junior Olympics but claims her father's constant need for her to succeed knocked her right out of the sport. How can this teen re-ignite her fight without driving a wedge between her and her father?

"He seemed to want it more than I did." 


Signs of Life
Natalie was a young wife excited about raising their first child when the unthinkable happened: her husband, Josh, died in an accident. Learn how Natalie slowly picked up the pieces and turned her pain into a memoir called Signs of Life.


"It does get better." 


Dr. Phil's Final Thoughts:
"Life is not a success-only journey. We're going to have bumps in the road. We're going to get dinged up as we go along. The question is not whether you'll have problems in your life; the question is what you'll do about them when they occur," he says. "What I want you to do is try to take some value from everything, even a big negative in your life. What can you learn from it? How can you use that to live tomorrow better than you did today? And what challenge do you have to overcome to get emotional closure on it, to close the book on your frustration, your fear, your resentment, your anger, your pain, so you can put that book away and not have to read from it every day? Look, I want you to have as peaceful of a life as you possibly can, but that means you've got to do some management along the way as well. It's not just what happens; it's how you react to it. Be strong and be your own best friend."