Are you the type of woman who will stand by your man " even if he cheats or commits a crime? Dr. Phil talks to two women who say nothing can destroy their love for their troubled mates.

Faithful until the End

Jesseca says nothing can cause her to part with her husband, Claude, even though he admitted to stepping out on her with at least 10 women! Claude says he doesn't understand why he's unfaithful. 

Find out the odd twist in this couple's relationship.

Standing By Her Significant Other

Portia claims she and her on-again off-again boyfriend, Andre, have a Bonnie and Clyde relationship. She says she's sticking by her man, who has been in and out of jail for gun charges, drugs and theft. Andre will be released from prison soon, and Portia claims he's changed his bad boy ways.

Should she trust him to straighten up and fly right or kick him to the curb?