Dr. Phil continues his exclusive interview with George and Cindy Anthony weeks after their daughter, Casey, was found not guilty in the death of her little girl, Caylee. How much do you really know about the couple has lived under a microscope for years? "Their story has never really been told and there's so much more to it than we've heard in the media," says Dr. Phil. In Part 2 of this in-depth interview, where no question is off limits, Dr. Phil continues to take the Anthony's through the timeline of the case and their testimony during the trial. While the couple's recollection of events differs, each parent agrees that Casey created a web of lies. Why does Cindy continue to defend her daughter? Could a medical condition have contributed to their daughter's actions? Dr. Phil asks the tough questions that America wants answers to. And as parents and grandparents, how are they dealing with the loss, heartbreak and broken relationships that has torn their family apart?

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Does George believe that little Caylee drowned?

Did Casey borrow a shovel from a neighbor?

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