Twenty-three-year-old Randi, nicknamed Peanut, lost custody of her two children to her father, Randall, after he discovered heroin paraphernalia in her home. For the last 10 months, Randall and his new wife, Angie, have raised the kids, while Peanut kicked her heroin habit. Now, the young mother says she's drug-free and ready to raise her own children but Randall disagrees. This tense father-daughter feud has festered into a full-blown custody battle that's tearing the entire family apart. Can Dr. Phil repair this broken home before they self-destruct? And who is the best parent for Peanut's precious pair?

Peanut's Problem

What did Peanut do to lose her kids in the first place? Randall reveals the incident that caused him to file for emergency custody of his grandchildren.  Plus, Dr. Phil serves Peanut a much-needed reality check.

"These are your children!"

A Home for the Kids
Sure, Randall and Angie say they're the best parents for the kids but who offers the most child-friendly home? Dr. Phil takes an exclusive tour of the couple's apartment where he discovers a surprise that sets him on edge.

Can Lesa and Peanut offer the kids a better home?

What Does the Future Hold?
Will Randall and Angie give up custody of the kids? Dr. Phil proposes a plan to help the family move forward but first tackles Peanut and Randall's broken relationship. Peanut says she was close to her father as a child but they grew distant in her teenage years. Did Randall play a role in Peanut's poor parenting? And will they ever make amends?

"Right now she doesn't need a father...what she needs is her daddy."

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