Season 10 Premiere

After a riveting murder trial that received as much attention in the court of public opinion as in the court of law, George and Cindy Anthony, the parents of Casey Anthony, break their silence for the first time in an exclusive, three-part series with Dr. Phil. From the time their granddaughter, Caylee, was reported missing to the indictment and imprisonment of their daughter, and through the sensational courtroom battle that resulted in a not guilty verdict for Casey, their lives have been subjected to an incredible amount of scrutiny. Now, in this candid interview, Dr. Phil asks the questions you want answered. Will they set the record straight? Do they think their daughter, Casey, was involved in little Caylee's death? Is there a previously unexpressed explanation? "Everyone has an opinion about George and Cindy," says Dr. Phil. "All I ask is that you hear what they have to say before making your decision on what really happened."

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Did Cindy ever have doubts about her husband's involvement?

Did Cindy and George miss huge warning signs that something was wrong before they realized Caylee was missing?

What do they think was the cause of the odor in the trunk of Casey's car?

"There are millions of people who want to shake you awake."

Cindy gives a theory about that horrible day.

Don't miss Part 2 and Part 3!