When Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, last appeared on Dr. Phil, the rags-to-riches star confronted hard questions about his sobriety and the peaks and pitfalls of sudden success. Now, eight months since his first interview with Dr. Phil, the man with the voice of gold says he returned to treatment and is 90 days sober. With a new lease on life, Ted meets face to face with Dr. Phil as a changed man. Has he finally moved on from his past?

Clearing Up the Lies
Ninety days sober, Ted Williams sits down with Dr. Phil to set the record straight on his sobriety and rise to fame.

"You told a lot of lies to us. I want you to own them now."

A Heated Altercation
Dr. Phil recounts a hotel altercation between Ted and his daughter, Jenay. Plus, what really happened during Ted's hazy three-day binge in Columbus?

"You actually hit her, true?"

Kathy's Transformation
After accepting Dr. Phil's offer for drug treatment, Kathy returns to the show as a changed woman. See how she's experiencing her new life so far.

"The miracle that happened in me, happened in her as well."

A New Day Ahead?
Ted's lawyer, Bret Adams, joins the discussion to talk about Ted's future career opportunities. Does the man with the golden voice still have a chance at his dreams? And what does the future hold for his relationship with Kathy?

Will Ted work for the Cleveland Cavaliers?