Dr. Phil investigates the latest online dating trend: sugar babies hooking up with sugar daddies. College girls and recent graduates who are struggling with mounting debt and a weak job market are turning to websites such as SeekingArrangement.com, that introduce them to wealthy men who, in exchange for companionship — and maybe sex — help them pay their bills. Is this the Internet version of the world's oldest profession, or just a really specific dating site?

Watch the show and then weigh in: If you could be a sugar baby, and nobody would ever know, would you?

The Sugar Babies

Four self-proclaimed sugar babies: Kristen, 21, Jennifer, 28, Janelle, 30, and Tracy, 31, passionately defend why their relationships differ from prostitution. Are their arranged monthly allowances and extravagant gifts the equivalent of being taken to fancy restaurants by a boyfriend or being financially supported by a husband?

"I figured I'm only going to be hot for a little while, so I need to get the money while I can."

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The Creator

Brandon is the creator of SeekingArrangement.com. Hear why he says there's nothing wrong with these "mutually beneficial relationships." And, former prosecutor and CNN analyst Sunny Hostin has some legal words of warning for Brandon and the ladies.

"The law hasn't caught up with this yet, but it will."

Real Daddy vs. Sugar Daddy

Louie is an outraged father who wants to confront Brandon in defense of his daughter, who he recently learned is on Brandon's website. And, see why a self-proclaimed proud sugar daddy makes a hasty exit before meeting Dr. Phil!

"He's out the back door."

DrPhil.com Exclusive

Did anything Dr. Phil and Sunny say have any impact on the women and their choice of lifestyle?

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