From facing rejection to making family sacrifices, fame comes with a price. Is the cost too high? Dr. Phil stresses the importance of creating balance and defining goals, regardless of your career path.


Reclaiming Fame
Fifteen years ago, Julia had a number one record, sang on Broadway and was the opening act for Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. After getting married and having a son, she put her career on hold. Now Julia waits tables and wants to recapture her fame but is paralyzed by fear.


Searching for Fame
Six-year-old Dylan hopes to become a professional model and actor. His mother, Robyn, quit her job and spent $10,000 last year trying to help him become famous. She says she's willing to do whatever it takes but wants to know where to draw the line physically and emotionally.
The Elusive Nature of Fame
Despite appearing in close to 100 films and countless hit TV shows, Charles Napier says he's depressed he's not a big star. His wife, Dee, says that instead of becoming upset when he gets rejected for a part, Charles should be grateful and proud of his 35-year career. She also thinks it's time he started making the family, not the pursuit of fame, his priority.


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