From the outside, Mark and Karen seem to have the perfect all-American family, including a gorgeous home and three beautiful children. But on the inside, they say their world is crumbling as their 26-year-old daughter, Lane, a stunning former cheerleader, sinks further into the world of drug addiction, and her family struggles to save her and the child they say she's neglecting.

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Speeding Down a Dangerous Path

Feeling hopeless, Lane’s sister, Malissa, wrote Dr. Phil for help. Her brother, Chase, says Lane will disappear for days at a time and he worries she's done the unthinkable with men to support her habit. Just days before Lane was to appear on the show, she was arrested and incarcerated for allegedly harboring a fugitive. Now out on bail, Lane's cruise down life in the fast lane comes to an abrupt halt. Can this family come together to save one of their own?

"Lane has been doing an obscene amount of drugs.”

Lane’s Choice

Lane comes face to face with Dr. Phil and answers the hard questions. Dr. Phil implores the young mom to be honest and doesn’t mince words when he tells her this is her last shot. Will she choose to go to rehab and get healthy once and for all, or will she give up yet again and go back to jail?

"I will put you right back where I found you in Waco, Texas, and you can rot.”