Dina says she gave her daughter, Sammie, everything she’d ever wanted, but the 19-year-old is now only interested in one thing: her 20-year-old boyfriend, Chris. Sammie says her controlling mother and sheltered upbringing are the real problems — but, can she explain the unusual bruises on her body?

Mother vs. Daughter
Dina says she gave her 19-year-old daughter, Sammie, everything she ever wanted — but the teen turned her back on it all, including her family — all for her boyfriend, Chris. Sammie says that her mother is angry because she can’t control her anymore. Who does Dr. Phil think is responsible?

"I believe that she is 100 percent addicted to this guy."

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Meeting the Parents
It's been nine months and Chris meets Sammie's mother for the first time onstage. How will Chris defend his relationship with Sammie? Plus, Dr. Phil tries to get to the truth behind a profanity-laced text message. Sammie’s little sister, Alex, says she thinks she knows who’s behind it.

"The way Sammie presented you was on a garbage can lid.”

Reason for Concern?
After a long absence, Dina says she noticed bruises covering Sammie’s body. Who is at fault for the strange markings? Is there reason to be concerned? And, Dr. Phil offers advice to Sammie, Dina and Chris to move forward.

"Do you have a temper that her parents should be concerned about?”

An Ominous Warning
When Samantha last appeared on Dr. Phil, she said she was afraid for her life with a boyfriend who abused her. One year later, she returns to issue a warning for the couple. Are there early signs that this couple is walking down a dangerous path?

"Aaron and I started out just like you guys."

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