Classic Dr. Phil


Do you think that everyone else has it better than you? These guests get a glimpse of someone else's life for a day. Would they really want to trade places or are their lives better than they thought?

Complaint Counter

What would you do if the guy behind the customer complaints counter was Dr. Phil? Find out what happens when he takes on the job at Costco.


300-Pound Experiment

Molly says she doesn't understand why people are fat, calling them "arrogant," "lazy" and "irresponsible." We transformed her into a 300-pound woman for a day to see if she'd change her mind.


Looking for Adventure

Instead of picking up after her kids, a stay-at-home mom spends a day picking up the trash! After working as a trash collector, does Melissa still think her life is boring?

Fighter Pilot Phil

What was it like for our fighting men and women who were flying F-18 fighter jets? With a camera inside the cockpit, take a look at how Dr. Phil copes with the physically grueling flight when he takes a turn as a Blue Angel.


View their stories.


Sister Swap

One sister is a stay-at-home mother of four, and the other is a fashion buyer at a department store.



 See what happens when they swap roles.