Lisa found an unconventional way to make money but acknowledges it can’t last long-term and needs help getting out of that profession. And, Becky admits she’s very jealous and insecure and is afraid her behavior is going to destroy her marriage.

A Secret Double Life
Lisa says she's a typical suburban mom who volunteers at her kids' school, is active in the PTA and is raising well-adjusted happy kids. But fellow moms would be shocked to learn that Lisa is secretly leading a double life as a high-priced escort for wealthy businessmen. Lisa says her chosen career brings in a lot more money than a corporate job, and the flexibility offers more freedom to spend time with her children. But Lisa’s friend, Jennifer, isn’t buying her rosy outlook and wants to make sure Dr. Phil hears the truth.

Will Lisa come clean about the darker side of her occupation?

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Collateral Damage?
Lisa says her priority is her children, but Jennifer says if her friend isn’t careful, she could lose her kids. Lisa opens up about how hard her chosen profession really is and how she doesn’t know how to get out. Can Dr. Phil and Jennifer convince her that there are healthier ways to make money and create a stable home environment?

“I never thought I’d be in this world for this long.”

Driving Him Out the Door?
After only three years of marriage, Dave says his wife, Becky’s, extreme jealousy has him ready to call it quits. He says she calls him up to 20 times a day, interrogates him while he’s at work, checks his phone records and constantly accuses him of cheating. Becky admits to spying on her husband, including driving four hours to check up on him while he was out of town on business. What is behind Becky’s insecurities?

Can Dr. Phil help tame her green-eyed monster before she drives her husband out the door?

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