Headlines exploded after the tragic death of Russell Armstrong, husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong. Recently, in a daytime exclusive, Taylor spoke candidly with Dr. Phil about the shocking news of her husband's death and the accusations and scandal that followed. Now, Russell's sister, Laurie, opens up about the void left by her brother's absence and the doubt she says she has about the details surrounding his suicide.


My Big Brother

To the world, Russell Armstrong was a reality star and estranged husband of Taylor Armstrong, but to his sister, Laurie, he was just her beloved big brother. Laurie shares how she heard the terrible news of his death and recalls the very last time they spoke. Plus, what does Laurie think of Taylor now?

"Laurie, I have some bad news."

Rumors Fixed

RumorFix.com was the last media outlet to interview the fallen star. Dr. Phil speaks with website editor Richard Ayoub who divulges the details of that final chat. And, Laurie does not mince words when she tells Dr. Phil that she believes her brother was the victim of a murder — not a suicide. Legal analyst Lisa Bloom offers her opinion of Laurie's options. And, who was the "real" Russell? Two of Russell's closest friends share their fondest memories.

"I know it was not a suicide and you cannot convince me otherwise."

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