Dr. Phil talks to people whose personalities can drive them — and everyone around them — crazy!

The Whiner
Teresa's motto is, "I get my way no matter what!" She nags her mom endlessly, is pushing her fiancé away, and her whining is starting to rub off on her 2-year-old son.

View her story and Dr. Phil's advice.


The Worrier
Stephanie's constant worrying consumes her life. Ross, her husband of eight months, says he won't let her have a child until she can get her worrying under control.

Why does she worry so much, and what does Dr. Phil suggest? 


The Know-It-All
"My brother's attitude that he's an expert on everything is getting really old," says Jayotta. "It's straining our relationship." She also fears that her brother's ways will make him a bachelor forever. 

Dr. Phil helps them set boundaries.