Two families send desperate pleas asking Dr. Phil to help their teen daughters. Are you struggling to parent an out-of-control teen? This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Craving Male Attention

Deanna and Michael say their 15-year-old daughter, Miranda, has been engaging in cybersex online and sexting on her phone. She’s run away four times to meet up with men she’s met online — one a 29-year-old with whom she says she had sex. They say they've taken away her electronics, and Deanna even quit her job to keep tabs on her, but nothing has helped. Miranda says she wants to feel loved by an adult male.

How is Michael's role in her life influencing her decisions?

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A Troubled Childhood
Dawn and John say that their adopted 13-year-old daughter lies, steals and shows no remorse for her actions. They say she ordered 77 adult movies and was playing a sexually inappropriate game with her 7-year-old brother. In an effort to protect their other two children, the couple sent her to a facility for troubled girls. John says he doesn’t want her to come home, but Dawn disagrees. How can they save their daughter without destroying their marriage?

“She’s 13. You don’t just throw her away.”