How old is too old to still be living with your parents? Two families and their unmotivated sons get a wake-up call from Dr. Phil! Don't miss Dr. Phil’s advice for parents who want to raise motivated and contributing adults!

Living in the Basement
Justin, 23, is a high school dropout who has lost 12 jobs and says he calls his family's basement home. Justin’s stepfather, Bill, and his mother, Bonnie, say they don't understand why Justin has stopped trying to climb life's ladder of success, and are sick of trying to encourage him to move out and on with his life. They say he's so unmotivated, he won't even urinate in the bathroom! Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Justin — and his parents.

“Is there any standard to which you hold yourself?”

Failing in the Father Role?
Justin and Brianne say their stepfather is a bully whose name-calling and tough love has backfired and made the situation worse. Bill says he's only trying to motivate Justin — but Brianne tells a different story. And, Dr. Phil has a life-changing experiment for Bill.

“You’re an abuser.”

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Requiring More from Her Sons
Kris makes her living as a college prep advisor but admits she can’t motivate her own sons to excel at anything. In fact, both her sons have dropped out of college! Twenty-year-old Charlie says he’s racked up so many legal fees from the trouble he's caused that he can’t afford to move out, and his 19-year-old brother, Cody, appears to be following in his footsteps. Cody was caught stealing beer out of a neighbor's garage — and that neighbor was the Mayor!

What can Kris do to get her “boomerang” sons back on track?

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