A bride-to-be prepares for her eleventh wedding on November 11. What’s her secret to getting so many men to pop the question? Why don't her relationships stick? And, will this one last?

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  • Monette's Many Marriages

    From marriages which lasted years to those which lasted just weeks, Monette takes Dr. Phil on a trip down memory lane, where she chronicles the history behind her 10 marriages — and divorces. Were there early warning signs that she missed? Plus, what is Monette's secret to inspiring so many men to pop the question?

    “If I was to look back at my marriage résumé, I probably wouldn’t hire me.” 

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    Lucky Number 11?

    Monette and Anthony are planning an elaborate wedding themed around the number 11, but Anthony says he has concerns. Is Monette serious or is this just a joke? Plus, hear from Monette's daughter, Mercedes, and a few of her 11 bridesmaids. Then, Dr. Phil offers advice. Is there a chance to make this the eleventh — and final — marriage for Monette?

    “Are you concerned that this is going to last for 11 days?”

    A Drop Dead Deal-Breaker

    Stacey says that she is in love with 90 percent of her boyfriend, Stephen, but her 10 percent uncertainly has kept her from making the final leap toward marriage. However, a violent fight the night before their show appearance changed everything. What happened in that hotel room that resulted in Stacey appearing on the show alone? And, is it forgivable?

    “I can’t continue to date someone who treats me this way.”