These couples have declared war on each other and are taking no prisoners. Can Dr. Phil get them to cease-fire and reconcile?


No Trust = Relationship Rust
Tracy and Billy admit they fight over everything. Billy says his main gripe is that his wife refuses to give up control of the family finances, including his paycheck. Tracy says, "If I trusted Billy, we would have a happy marriage."


Daddy Dearest
Karen says her husband, Steve, needs to stop being the wicked step-dad or she's going to find another prince charming. Karen admits she's at her wits' end: "My husband and my daughter do not get along, and I have no clue what to do."
All in the Family
Whitney says her parents fight at least once a day and she's tired of being caught in the middle. Her dad says their home is "a miserable place to be," and has threatened to leave many times. Whitney's mom wants help saving her marriage.
View their stories and Dr. Phil's response.


Find out how Tracy and Billy are doing today.


Final  Thought  

Dr. Phil reminds couples that you don't have to have your partner actively involved to start making major changes in your relationship. If you change the way you're in it, you'll change what you get back from it.

Should you have to do it? Probably not. Should you be the only one doing it? Probably not. But this isn't about being right, it's about being happy. If you get the results you want, why do you care where they came from? Just do it.