Tiffany is a beautiful 23-year-old who says that using drugs makes her feel complete, but that in reality, she knows she's just a lost little girl and a liar. After dropping out of three rehab programs for an OxyContin addiction, she says she wants to come clean with her parents and get clean from her substance abuse once and for all. But what is she keeping from her parents? 

Enabling Her Self-Destruction
Tiffany’s parents, Ken and Susie, believed Tiffany stopped using drugs on her own, but she recently confessed that she’s no longer clean. Now she wants Dr. Phil’s help to confess an even bigger secret. Before meeting Tiffany, Dr. Phil sits down with Ken and Susie to go over the mistakes they’ve made that contributed to Tiffany’s addiction.

Then, Tiffany reveals her shocking secret.

Family Issues
Tiffany says her father changed when he remarried, and his wife is jealous of their relationship. Tiffany’s stepmother, Christi, says she doesn’t want Tiffany in her family’s life and says, “It is a sigh of relief knowing Tiffany is not walking through my door to visit.” Can Dr. Phil get this family united in a single purpose of getting Tiffany healthy once and for all?

“You need somebody to tell you the truth. And the truth is, you’re a spoiled brat.”

Tiffany returns to Dr. Phil. Has she gotten clean?