Mario says he caught Christine cheating — on audiotape — but she denies the accusations. Who’s really telling the truth? Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of the alleged sex recording. Can this relationship survive without trust?

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The Tale of the Tape

Mario and Christine have been married for eight years, but she says the union was riddled with jealousy from day one. However, Mario says he finally has absolute proof of Christine's infidelity — recorded audiotape of her with another man. With the help of forensic technologist Doug Carner, will he be able to decipher the voices on the tape? Plus, hear the tape and decide for yourself!

“I am 110 percent positive that she had an affair.”

Can the Green-Eyed Monster be Caught?

Christine says that it's actually Mario that can't be trusted. She says her husband has admitted to two affairs with different women. What is his reasons for straying? Then, Christine's friend, Leslie, describes how Mario was suspicious of his wife long before the audiotape. And, Jack Trimarco performs a second polygraph test on Christine. Will she pass — and if so, can the marriage be saved?

“I did it because I wanted her to feel the same pain.”

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