Learning your spouse is a cheater is devastating, but how do you recover when his lover is also your best friend? Carly, 22, and her 24-year-old husband, Mikey, say they fell in love as teens and tied the knot seven years later. The young wife says that she and Mikey were happy newlyweds until eight months after their wedding, when she found him in bed with her best friend and bridesmaid, Jessica. Now the young man admits that he's in love with both women, and doesn't know who to choose. Can Dr. Phil help him decide?

Untangling A Web of Lies

Carly says her happy home was turned upside down when she caught her best friend and bridesmaid, Jessica, in bed with her husband, Mikey. Can her marriage survive? What about her friendship? And who does Mikey really want?

"I know for a fact that I love them both."

Sister Wives? 

Mikey says he has the perfect remedy for this three-way affair, but will Jessica and Carly ever accept it? Plus, Dr. Phil reveals the shocking details of Mikey and Jessica's relationship.

"We had sex everywhere ... cars, parks, hotels."

Mikey's Decision
With both women at his side, who does Mikey choose — Carly or Jessica? Learn the surprising advice Dr. Phil gives the young trio to help them finally move on.

"If you had to push a button; a ‘Carly’ button or a ‘Jessica’ button, which button would you push?"