It’s the viral video that sent shock waves across the country. Texas judge William Adams recently came under fire for a 2004 video that his daughter, Hillary, posted on YouTube, showing Adams lashing the then 16-year-old girl with a belt, despite her pleas to stop. The video racked up millions of views and stirred online outrage. Do you think Judge Adams was justified in his actions? This program contains graphic video. Viewer discretion is advised.

A Shocking Home Video
Judge William Adams, who often presides over child abuse cases, has been asked to be removed from his post pending an investigation. The District Attorney says Adams cannot face assault-related charges because the five-year statutes of limitations expired. Hillary feels that the public scrutiny her dad has suffered is punishment enough and hopes it forces him to seek help.

See the video that shocked millions.

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A Brainwashed Wife?
Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Hillary’s mother, Hailee, who can be seen participating in the home video. Is this the behavior of an abused wife as well? Plus, Hillary addresses portions of her father’s lengthy statement.

“How could that mother stand by and watch this happen?”

Questions from the Accused
Judge Adams sent Dr. Phil some questions that he has for his daughter and ex-wife. And, Dr. Phil goes over the text exchange that inspired Hillary to post the video online. Plus, Hillary and Hailee are concerned for Hillary’s 10-year-old sister. Do they have cause for alarm? And, Hillary speaks from her heart to her father. 

“I love you, Dad.”

The investigation against Judge Adams by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct is ongoing. He remains suspended.

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  • To get help or report child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at (800) 4-A-CHILD/(800) 422-4453.

    You can also call the Department of Social Services office where the child resides and make a report. Trained staff will assess the information to determine if it meets screening criteria for investigation. Reports can also be made to local law enforcement offices who will communicate to DSS to coordinate an investigation.
  • Read Judge Adams' entire statement here.