Quinn says his wife, Sara, has smashed a glass door — putting several stitches in his head — punched, slapped and kicked him in the face. But why won't he leave her? Dr. Phil confronts Sara about the alleged abuse. Can he help mend this fractured family?

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The War At Home

Quinn, a U.S. soldier, says his toughest battles haven't occurred at war, they've been at home with his abusive wife, Sara. The couple says the violence has gotten so bad, it has resulted in stitches and jail time. But, according to Sara, Quinn isn't the source of her rage; it's another man.

A Trail of Abuse?

Quinn and Sara's mothers say they fear for the couple's two young children. Have the kids fallen victim to Sara's violent ways? Plus, what does she have to say about the situation?

“I don’t look at it as discipline; it was more abuse.”

The Next Step
Quinn says the emotional and physical scars of his wife's abuse run too deep, and there's no turning back, but why hasn't he left? Dr. Phil has some surprising advice for him, and a challenge for Sara.

"I feel like divorce is the only solution."

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