Never before seen on the Dr. Phil stage: A convicted murderer faces his victims’ children. Don’t miss this unbelievable story about corruption, hatred … and the power of forgiveness.

A Tragedy Witnessed by Children
Rebecca and her brother, Daniel, were just 7 and 3 when they witnessed the unthinkable during a family dinner: A friend of the family walked in, pulled out a gun, shot their father and shot and killed their mother. Rebecca shares her remarkable story in the book, The Devil in Pew Number Seven, which details her parents’ five-year war with the most powerful man in town, Horry Watts, who would one day orchestrate that fateful night.

“And that’s when I realized my mom did not make it, and I just stood there in shock.”

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A Sincere Apology?
Dr. Phil sits down with convicted killer, Harris Williams. What does he remember? And why hasn't he reached out to Rebecca and Daniel sooner?

“I have thought about Rebecca and little Daniel many times.”

Closing a Chapter
Thirty-three years later, and after 21 years in prison, Harris Williams faces Rebecca and Daniel on Dr. Phil's stage to atone for his actions. But will his words heal the wounds of the past or just inflict further pain? Plus, Rebecca and Daniel's father, Robert, recorded a message for Harris when he was still alive. Harris hears the voice from the past.

Rebecca and Daniel have an extraordinary message for Harris.

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