Two wives say that when they caught their husbands with other women, they didn’t get mad -- they got even! Can Dr. Phil help these couples move past their infidelities?

Darcy's Revenge 

Darcy says when she caught her husband, John, with another woman, instead of filing for divorce, she had an affair of her own! John insists he regrets cheating and just wants to mend his troubled marriage. But, with all the damage done, can their relationship be salvaged?

“I did feel justified. He got away with cheating twice. I felt like it was my turn."

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A Web of Deceit

Callie says when she caught her husband, William, cheating, she got revenge by sleeping with her ex-boyfriend! Learn why, despite the infidelity, the couple says they aren't ready to call it quits.

What's keeping Callie in her marriage?