It's a parent’s worst nightmare to learn that their child was sexually abused — especially in their own home. Patty says her world ended the day she learned her husband was sexually abusing her then 13-year-old daughter, "Alexis," and her two younger sisters for most of their lives. What warning signs did she miss? Can Dr. Phil help this family heal and move forward?

Suffering in Silence 

Alexis says her father raped and sexually abused her and her two younger sisters for most of their lives. She shares her story with Dr. Phil in hopes of helping others.

"When I asked him why he was doing this, he said, 'God made you just for me.'"

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The Aftermath

Patty says that because of a negative reaction from their neighborhood, she and her girls had to change their last name, move to another town and start over, but new identities don't heal the wounds of the past. How can they heal from such horrific trauma? Chairman of the Dr. Phil advisory board Dr. Frank Lawlis weighs in with possible solutions for the family.

“I wish I could show him how angry I am.”

A Cautionary Tale

Colleen, 23, who says she was sexually abused by her older brother for years, offers Alexis and Patty some honest advice.

How can Alexis and Patty move forward?