Have you ever dreamt of getting a second chance in life? Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter was just 12 years old when he shot to worldwide fame, but behind the bright lights, he says he was rapidly spiraling out of control. Nick opens up to Dr. Phil about the life-threatening medical diagnosis that finally forced him to transform his life. And, learn of a chance encounter between two unlikely friends that changed both of their lives forever.

Nick Carter Unplugged

The public saw an image of a teenage superstar, but in reality, Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter says he was actually drinking heavily, doing drugs and losing control. What does he say he was trying to cover up with his hard-partying ways? And, what finally pushed him to make a change? Plus, find out what Backstreet Boys member gave Nick a gift which he says he still carries around to this day.

“The question I had to ask was, ‘Is that me?'"

Nick Carter performs “Burning Up” from his new album!

Nick takes audience questions from his biggest fans.

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Life on the Streets

Bria says that she was only 12 years old when she ran away for the first time. Now 18 years old, and spending most of the last six years on the streets, she says she's doing the unthinkable to survive and thinks she may be pregnant. Dr. Phil reveals the results of her pregnancy test and has stern words for her mother who says she trusts the streets to raise her daughter.

“I want my life to turn around.”

A Stranger's Kindness

When Laura, an advertising executive, passed 11-year-old Maurice begging on the street in 1986, she offered him a helping hand. By visiting him regularly, cooking him meals and teaching him life lessons, she showed him a love he’d never known. Their bond changed both of their lives and is the subject of the book, An Invisible Thread. Discover Laura's favorite story from the book. Plus, Maurice has a message of hope for Bria.

“Whatever I’ve given to Maurice, he’s given me back tenfold"

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  • An Invisible Thread
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  • I'm Taking Off
    Nick Carter
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