Binge drinking has increasingly become a way of life — and death — on college campuses. Dr. Phil talks to two 20-somethings who admit to binge drinking regularly, but say they’re not alcoholics. Will one family’s painful loss convince these two to sober up? 

Boozing with a Baby?

Victoria admits to downing 10 to 15 shots in just two hours, blacking out several times a week and even drinking liquor while she thought she was pregnant. Yet, the self-proclaimed party girl insists she does not have an alcohol problem. Can Dr. Phil convince her otherwise? And, hear why family law attorney Areva Martin says one of Victoria's recent drinking binges may land her behind bars.

"I think you have a smug, arrogant attitude and a prosecutor would tear your ass up."

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Nick's Party Problem

Nick says he drinks heavily multiple days a week and has been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning 11 times, but doesn’t think he has a problem. Hear what Dr. Phil has to say about his denial. Plus, one family that's already lost a child to alcohol poisoning weighs in with a cautionary tale.

Will Nick heed their warning?