Parents, pay attention: In the United States, one in six girls will become a teen mom, and oftentimes, the baby's father gets a free pass and is not held to the same responsibilities in raising the child. Dr. Phil reveals the cold, hard facts about teen pregnancy.

A Family in Turmoil
Eighteen-year-old Taten has no job, no phone, no car and no permanent place to live. What he does have is a 3-month old daughter with Autumn, 16, and a second child on the way, according to another teen. Although he cheated on her, Autumn says she still wants Taten in her life. Autumn’s mother, Michelle, wishes Taten would “drop off the face of the Earth” for what he did to her daughter.  

Taten meets Dr. Phil.

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Another Baby on the Way?
Autumn’s former best friend, Caitlyn, 16, says she’s pregnant with Taten’s child, although Taten is not convinced. Caitlyn’s mother, Dana, doesn’t mince words about what she thinks of the young man, and Dr. Phil calls her out for her part in her daughter’s predicament.

“You can roll your eyes all you want, lady — it’s your daughter who’s pregnant!”

A Better Father
Is Taten the father of Caitlyn’s baby? Dr. Phil reveals the paternity results. Will Taten man-up and be a better dad to one — or both — babies? And, Caitlyn had to drop out of high school and says Autumn is the reason why. Can Dr. Phil get the two teen moms to come together as allies instead of enemies? Plus, don’t miss the shocking facts about teen pregnancy. Find out what the future may have in store for these young moms.

“If you rekindle a relationship with him right now, it will be at your baby’s expense.”