Rheta says her four-and-a-half-year marriage to Mark is headed down a rocky road, and her mother-in-law, Debra, is in the driver's seat. Rheta says it's time for Mark to cut the cord with his mom — or else! Debra says she hates Rheta. Whose side will Mark be on? Can this marriage and family be saved?

"She's Disgusting to Me"

Rheta calls Debra deceitful, backstabbing, sneaky and controlling and says that Debra has taken extreme measures to remove her from Mark's life, including setting up a profile for him on a dating website and paying for a divorce attorney. Debra claims Rheta is violent, trashy and undeserving of her son. The tension between the women has escalated to blows on more than one occasion, leaving Mark literally in the middle.

"Debra is an active member in my relationship with my husband."

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War of Words

Debra describes what she says are Rheta's true colors. And, learn why Rheta revealed a secret that threatened to end Debra's marriage. Plus, what worries Debra the most about Rheta's behavior.

"If you take my children from me, the gloves are off."

Will Mark Cut the Cord?

Rheta says that Debra constantly criticizes her parenting. Mark and Rheta also complain that Debra gives their house the white glove test when she often arrives unannounced.

Is Debra overstepping her boundaries, or does Rheta have a chip on her shoulder?

Will a grand gesture from Mark keep Rheta from walking away? Can Rheta and Deb mend fences? Don't miss part two!

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