Rheta says she wants her husband, Mark, to cut the cord with his meddling mother, Deb, who has created an online dating profile for him, paid for divorce lawyers and tried to set him up with his ex-girlfriend. With the divorce papers filed — but not yet signed — can Dr. Phil help save this marriage and broker a peace among in-laws? 

Get caught up on part 1 of this series!

Three's a Crowd

In part 1, Dr. Phil asked Mark, Rheta and Deb to leave the past behind them and work toward a better, more peaceful future. But are all parties ready and willing? Rheta reveals an unusual request she fulfilled for Deb in the face of tragedy and later regretted. Plus, find out why Dr. Phil is insulted by something Deb says.

“It is your job to step up, man-up and be involved with your wife.”

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Shredded Vows

Mark says Rheta tore their wedding vows to pieces during an argument and recently stopped wearing her wedding ring. Can Dr. Phil help them pick up the pieces and work on rebuilding their marriage? Plus, see the emotional surprise Mark has for Rheta.

“Some days we’re best friends. Other days we are constantly at each other’s throats.”

After the Show

After the family returns home, Dr. Phil makes a generous offer to Deb's drug-addicted son, Travis. Will he accept?