Dr. Phil's guests say they’re tired of enduring abuse from their grown children. First, Debbie says she suffers every form of abuse — emotional, physical, verbal and mental — at the hands of her 31-year-old daughter, Amy. Then, JoAnn says her 28-year-old son and former corrections officer, Jonathan, talks to her like an inmate, intimidates her with his size and scares her with his rage. Can these parents rebuild healthier relationships with their children?

Debbie and Amy

Debbie says her daughter, Amy's, abuse is so bad that she dreams about killing her. Amy admits to being cruel and nasty toward her mother but says Debbie is far from innocent. Find out what causes one of the women to storm offstage. Is there hope for building a better mother-daughter relationship?

“Sometimes I just wish I could put a pillow over her head, make her go away.”

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JoAnn and Jonathan

JoAnn says she's scared to death of her son, Jonathan, and fears her grandson will fall victim to his father's alleged abuse. Jonathan says his mother is over-involved in his life and needs to back down. Can Dr. Phil help mother and son communicate more effectively?

“That little 5-foot-nothing woman ... has put me up against a wall plenty of times.”