They said they were gun-packing, hard-hitting, undercover P.I. moms — but was it a scam? In March 2010, investigator Chris Butler and his crime-fighting females took the media by storm with their enterprising new business. Featured in outlets including People magazine, Dr. Phil and the Today Show, the soccer moms-turned-private eyes were also slated to become a new Lifetime reality show, until an employee of Butler’s blew the whistle. Were Butler's stings staged for the cameras? And, one investigator says he suddenly found himself on a dark path of corruption and criminal activity.

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Faked for TV?

Carl, Ami and Meagan are former investigators for Chris Butler. What did they know about the allegedly fake undercover stings? Dr. Phil has some tough questions for the trio.

How do they explain the scandal?

Exposing Chris Butler
Carl says his search for the truth led him down a dark path of corruption and criminal activity. The investigator-turned-informant says he risked his life to take down his former boss. Find out the jaw-dropping evidence that Carl says he uncovered to take down Butler, who is now in jail, along with a former commander of a narcotics task force, facing charges of drug trafficking and other crimes. 48 Hours correspondent Maureen Maher weighs in.

“That was the day that I realized he was definitely dirtier than I thought.”

Butler's Alleged Partner in Crime Speaks Out
Senior writer and editor for Diablo magazine Peter Crooks shares his experience of a 10-hour ride-along with the P.I. moms and Chris Butler. Did he see any red flags indicating that it may have been staged? And, find out why Carl says Peter almost blundered the whole undercover sting on Butler. Plus, Norm Wielsch, a former narcotics task force commander, explains how he got involved with Butler and why he made the choices he did.

“I was so far gone at that time, I somehow agreed to it.”

Extra Content

  • Read Peter Crooks' article about Chris Butler and the P.I. Moms in Diablo Magazine.