The nation was captivated in 2009 when Susan Powell, a beautiful loving mother of two, vanished without a trace. Her husband, Josh, was considered a person of interest but was never charged with a crime. His account of what happened the night Susan disappeared raised more questions than answers, and what began as an unsolved mystery spiraled into a custody battle, which tragically ended last Sunday with the horrific murder-suicide of Josh Powell and their two innocent sons, Charles, 7, and Braden, 5.

Catch up on the story of the missing case of Susan Powell.

A Horrific Choice
During what was supposed to be a supervised visit with his children, Josh Powell did the unthinkable. Susan’s sister and parents share memories of their last moments with the boys and how they are coping. If a man could kill his own children, is it a big leap to assume that he killed his wife? Ed Troyer, spokesperson for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, weighs in. And, what details did the boys reveal about the night their mother went missing?

“It was just a blatant murder.”

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Does Josh's Father Know Something?

What do friends and family remember about Josh and Susan's relationship? And, authorities say Josh’s father, Steven, is a person of interest and may know something about Susan’s disappearance but is not considered a suspect. He’s currently in jail facing voyeurism and child pornography charges. Find out what Steven has said on record about Susan, and what she reportedly told friends and family about him.

“He wanted to share her with Josh, and he had made advances and tried to touch her.”

Did the System Fail?
Could Charles and Braden have been better protected during visits with their father? Attorney Anne Bremner speaks out. Find out what she says should have been done. And, how can this family cope in the wake of such a tragic loss? Do Chuck and Judy hold out hope that they will someday locate their daughter?

See a touching memorial of Susan and the boys from their loved ones.

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  • If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Susan Powell, please contact police at (801) 840-4000.