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Kasey's sister, Trish, drops a bombshell.  
Studies show that between 10 to 14 percent of women who have been married have experienced at least one forced sexual assault by their husband or ex-husband. Dr. Phil intervenes with a young couple in a volatile five-year marriage. Can they rebuild their union for the sake of their children? This episode contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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A Volatile Union
Kasey says her husband, Jake, is physically abusive, harasses her for sex and has raped her on at least three occasions during their five-year marriage. Jake says he has to beg like a dog for sex and admits to forcing himself on Kasey, but says because they're married, it's not rape. He also admits he has a problem controlling his anger and often blacks out during his rages, but says Kasey provokes his violent outbursts.

“Didn’t you say, ‘It’s not rape because you’re my wife’?”

A Confession?
Jake fears Kasey is being unfaithful — something they both have a history of. Hear from Kasey’s sister, Trish, who expresses her concerns and also drops a bombshell. Are Jake's biggest fears confirmed? Will the couple follow Dr. Phil’s advice to rebuild their union or shut it down for the sake of their children?

And, see the precautions put in place for Kasey’s safety.