Dr. Phil says there are aliens living among us ... and they're called teenagers! How well do you really know your kids? Dr. Phil and his son, Jay, challenge teens and parents to get real, and suggest how to bridge the gap between them.




"She Just Nags Me Constantly"
One teen calls her mom "stupid," and another says the only answer she ever hears from her father  is "no."


View their stories.

 See Shawna's update.



Trying to Reconnect
Dr. Phil and his son, Jay, challenge parents and teens to recognize what divides them, and to start taking steps toward healing. Here's how you can start doing just that.


  • Understand Teen Myths about Parents

  • Recognize Myths Parents Have about Teens

  • Rebuilding a Parent/Teen Relationship

  • Parents and Teens: Getting What You Want

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