From the aftermath of an affair with a governor to a phobia of frogs ... from having sex within earshot of your children to finding "me" time for moms ... anything goes on "Ask Dr. Phil Day."
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A Burning Nightmare
Tracy has recurring dreams that she's trapped in a fire. "I usually wake up just as I'm ready to die," she says. How can she overcome a fear that is consuming her life?



Fear of Frogs
"Ever since I can remember, I've been extremely terrified of frogs," says April. "When I see a frog, my heart begins to race ... I almost feel like I'm paralyzed. How can I overcome my irrational fear?"


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Sex When the Kids Can Hear
"Claire" called in to ask if it's OK to have sex with her boyfriend when her teenagers are in the house. "Are you serious?" asks Dr. Phil, who offers a no-nonsense answer.



"Me" Time For Moms
A mother of three kids under 5 asks Dr. Phil a question that millions of moms want answered: "Can a mother ever have a day without a care?" 



View her story and Dr. Phil's advice. 



After an Affair
Tina's affair with the governor of Kentucky became national news. Now she's having trouble living down her mistake and moving on with her life.




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"Tequila Or Me"
A woman wrote in because she's fed up that her husband is spending hundreds of dollars on tequila. "Relationships are negotiated, and we teach people how to treat us," advises Dr. Phil. "Draw a line in the sand and say, 'This is not OK. You're not going to take money from our family and spend it to drink with your friends, and you're not going to lie to me and fail to come home.'"