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Linda describes the moment when she learned her best friend, Tania, had lied about being a 9/11 survivor.  
Dr. Phil’s guests say they’re entangled in someone else’s lies, and they want out. First, 9/11 survivors Jim and Linda say they were comforted through their darkest days by the amazing strength of their friend, Tania, who claimed that she escaped the World Trade Center attacks. Tania’s heroic story was picked up by several media outlets and became the focus of an upcoming documentary and book — but it was all a lie. Then, Zenaida says her world crumbled after Casey Anthony falsely accused her of kidnapping her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, and labeled her in the media as “Zanny the Nanny.” She tells her side of the story in a Dr. Phil exclusive.

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"The Woman Who Wasn't There"

September 11 survivors Jim and Linda say they found great comfort in their friend and fellow survivor, Tania's, amazing story — but it was just that: a story. Hear the depths of Tania’s deceit, and find out how she was ultimately exposed as a fraud. How did Jim and Linda react to the shocking news? Plus, Author and filmmaker Angelo Guglielmo, Jr. shares what he learned about Tania.

“She was our hope for moving on in life.”

"Zanny the Nanny"

Zenaida says her life was ruined after she became linked to the highly-publicized disappearance of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. Now suing Casey Anthony for defamation of character, Zenaida sets the record straight about the lies Casey told in a Dr. Phil exclusive. Was she really a nanny? And, has she even met Casey? Plus, Dr. Phil helps Zenaida in her job search.

“I feel like Casey got off free, and I didn’t.”


Meet Dr. Phil Senior Producer Stephanie Granader.